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Detailed guidance

Detailed guidance

步骤 - 1

Choose the destination you want to study in

Choosing the country you want to study in is the first step。 You can apply to study in Australia, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and other countries around the world。


步骤 - 2

Choose the course you like

You will get a list of all institutions in your chosen destination。 Tell us what course do you want to study, English, school, college, university...


步骤 - 3

Apply immediately

Once you have decided on a university/destination, please submit your online request to BG体育App。


步骤 - 4

Your application has been received

BG体育App will start by applying for your dream major at your dream school。We will check to ensure that all documents are correct and complete, and that the applicant university certifies your application materials。


步骤 - 5


BG体育App will design the Australian visa application process for you based on your visa requirements。


步骤 - 6

Fly to your study destination

终于到了留学的时候了! BG体育App提供一系列服务,以确保您前往Australia旅程安全愉快。 We provide travel health insurance and advise you on all relevant travel requirements。


Listen to the students!

Yang Yatong

Yang Yatong, 22

Master of Management (Accounting and Finance), University of Melbourne

"My classmates introduced me to BG体育App. They patiently listened to my needs and gave me a lot of professional advice。The four schools I applied for all offered me the first time。Their rigorous, professional, diligent and practical attitude gives people a sense of peace of mind, which is also what I want to learn。”

Cheng Lizhe

Cheng Lizhe, 22

Master of Financial Analysis, University of New South Wales

"When I first came to Australia, I felt the warmth and care from BG体育App Study in Australia, BG体育App to solve the problems, remove obstacles Crazy call for ace duo!!"


Wu Yanni, 22

Master of Management (Accounting and Finance), University of Melbourne

BG体育App非常专业 不管学习上还是生活上都尽心尽力 每次咨询都非常有耐心! 感觉特别亲近 而不是单纯意义上的中介 墨大offer也是第一时间就下来了 特别激动! 好中介!一!生!推!”

Partner schools

There are more than 200 partner universities in the world